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Parental control app is a spy application that helps parents monitor and control their kids’ mobile devices in real time. It has many functions and features, but it also has some drawbacks. This review will show you the most popular functions of cocospy, pros and cons of the app, as well as our conclusion about this parental control software.

Feature Lists

For the most part, cocospy has the functions and features of a very good parental control app:

  • Geofencing – you can set virtual boundaries for your kid’s device and receive alerts when he/she enters or leaves them;
  • Location tracking with precise history data;
  • Instant messenger monitoring (Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger) + phone call recording;  messages sent on mobile devices are backed up in cocospy cloud storage. You will get an email notification if someone sends your child a message that contains certain phrases like “meet me”, etc.;      you will see all photos taken by the monitored device as well as screenshots from it. Location sharing via pictures is disabled automatically within cocospy settings to prevent private data from being sent out;
  • Unlimited cocospy cloud storage is included in the price. It means that you don’t have to pay for storing all your child’s important information and internet activities history, which will be a great advantage for parents on a tight budget or those who don’t want their kids’ privacy to be compromised by third parties;     powerful filtering function helps set up filters depending on age of user – it can block certain websites with adult content (pornographic, etc), remove ads from web pages, prevent access to specific apps like games containing violence/guns/swearing, etc.;       iPhone users get an opportunity not only monitor but also control kid’s activity: remotely lock device when not in use, block usage of specific apps/internet browsers or even set up curfew time; offers an excellent value for money – you get the complete package with all necessary functions available at a price that is lower than most competitors’ offer.
  • The only downside to this app might be its compatibility issues which can affect performance on older devices or those running iOS older than 11. You should also keep in mind that some features are paid and will require purchasing one of their subscription plans unless your kid’s phone has Android OS (in this case there won’t be any limitations). All things considered, many people consider cocospy as the best Parental Control App on the market today! We hope you found this cocospy review helpful.
  • Cocospy – indeed offers all necessary features at very competitive prices (especially if you compare it to some of its key competitors) which makes it an amazing choice for anyone who wants to make sure their kids stay safe online. Even though there are more advanced packages with additional functions (costing as much as $300 per year) cocospy still makes a great choice for all the users who just want to have basic monitoring features.
  • In addition, cocospy is very easy to install and use which makes it perfect even for less tech savvy parents. Once you download it from official site (, you will be easily guided by setup wizard in order to start tracking your kids’ activity immediately after installation process finishes – this takes about a minute or two only!

Spoken Blog Content: “In our cocospy review we have discovered that their offer is not only comprehensive but also the most affordable one available on the market today and fully deserves a top rank among other parental control apps.”


  • Simple, user friendly interface;
  • Basic monitoring features for a very low price ( ;
  • Cocospy is compatible with both Android and iOS devices that your children use. cocospy can be installed on smartphones as well as tablets – this gives you the ability to monitor all of their activity from one place! .


The main con about cocospy is its pricing policy which seems rather confusing since there are two different options available depending on how many months you purchase it for: monthly or yearly subscription plans.

How To Get Cocospy App?

For buying this spy app, you will have to download cocospy application first. Then, enter your login details and start monitoring!


Compatibility Information

This app works with all types of devices and is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

Price & Packages

Cocospy spy app is available in two packages: basic and premium.

The price difference between the two is significant: $29.99 and $69.98 respectively for monthly or yearly subscriptions.


Cocospy spy app seems like a very effective parental control solution that offers remote spy software to monitor your child’s online activity on social networks, messaging apps, browsing history etc., as well as call logs and GPS tracking features! The latest iOS updates are supported too! However, its pricing policy may be confusing since there are only two different payment options available which makes it less flexible for users who don’t need all of these features at once – they will have to pay more than double compared with other spy apps .

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