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Imagine you are a parent and your child is using the computer. You want to make sure they are not looking at content that could be inappropriate for their age, but you also don’t want them to feel like they’re being monitored. mSpy can help with this! mSpy is an app designed specifically for parents who need to monitor their children’s online activity. mSpy works by installing on the phone or tablet of whoever needs monitoring, then it reports back information about what websites were visited and how long was spent there so the parent can decide whether action needs to be taken. This review will go over some of mspy’s features as well as its pros and cons so that other parents can decide if it’s right



mSpy is a great app that allows you to track children. mSpy offers a few different features that make it an excellent choice for parents looking to monitor their kids’ online activity, including:

  • Geo tracking – mSpy can pinpoint the location of whoever has your child’s device through GPS. This is especially helpful if they have gone somewhere with someone who isn’t trusted or haven’t told anyone where they’re going.
  • Blocking apps and websites gives you control over what sites are visited on devices with app installed so that you don’t have any surprises when reviewing reports from mspy about the websites being viewed by those using your kid’s phone or tablet.
  • Viewing call logs and messages sent and received – mspy keeps a record of all the calls that have been made and received, as well as text messages sent and received. You can review these logs to see who your child has been communicating with or talking to on their phone or tablet.
  • Call recording – mspy makes it possible for you to listen in on conversations between those using devices with app installed by having them recorded when they take place. This is helpful if there’s something suspicious going on such as bullying which you need more information about before intervening at school or home.
  • Keylogging – mSpy records every keystroke made while the app is activated so that no one gets onto any accounts like social media without you knowing about it through mSpy logs.
  • Remote control – mspy allows you to take full remote control of their phone or tablet whenever necessary so that you can check out the mails, messages and other data they might have there for yourself without them knowing about it. This is useful if they’re not open with you regarding some things but don’t want to go as far as having a full blown conversation about an issue which could lead to conflict between parents and child.
  • GPS location tracking – mspy lets you track where your kid actually goes when using their device by letting mom or dad see it on a map through mspy software interface at any time from anywhere in real time thanks to its powerful geolocation technology built into app code .
  • mSpy lets you block certain sites and apps from being used. This is a way to control what they can access online which could be useful for example if a young kid has a tendency to use bad language or visit inappropriate websites that aren’t meant for their age group. You can easily set up mspy software in order to not only monitor them but also protect them from harmful content on the web as well as limit time spent browsing through those types of material by blocking it altogether with no hassle at all!
  • This app works regardless of whether your child’s device runs iOS, Android OS, Windows Phone or any other mobile platform out there because mSpy app was developed using top notch programming technology allowing its compatibility across all types of mobile devices.


  • It’s compatible with all types of mobile devices
  • Has a powerful tracking feature that allows you to follow your child’s activities online


  • mSpy is not the only parental control app out there, which means it might take some time for your child to get used to using this program instead of another one.
  • Software costs money and can be very expensive if paid monthly or yearly fee after trial period expires . However, once you buy a license key for this application, it will work on all devices associated with your account at as long as they are connected to the Internet (this is important!)

The Bottom Line : while some parents seem reluctant about paying an annual fee, mSpy is a great choice for those who want to keep the track on their children’s online activities.

How mSpy Works

You need an iCloud account in order for this app to work. There’s no jailbreak required which makes it very easy for parents to install mspy without any technical skills . In fact, you can set up mspy yourself within just a few minutes! After installation process finishes successfully you will have access to following information from your target phone:

  • Call logs
  • SMS messages
  • GPS and etc.

Compatibility Information

mSpy compatibility with various devices is another great thing about this app. It works with iOS and Android smartphones or tablets, so no matter what type of device your kids use mspy will provide you the needed information.

The only downside I see right now is that mSpy charges a monthly fee for services it provides but we can still think of it as an investment in our children’s safety!

What their customers say:

Based on my research mspy has over 3000 reviews (both positive and negative). You can check them online if interested: Google Business Reviews . Majority of comments are overwhelmingly positive which means people like using this parental control apps to monitor their children activities.

mSpy Price & Packages

The price of mSpy is very competitive, especially for a mobile application that lets you not only spy on the phone but also track it. mSpy offers following plans:

  • Premium plan ($14.16/month) – comes with more advanced functions like SMS tracker, Call interceptor (which can be used to retrieve deleted messages), Keylogger which allows user to see what exactly happens on the screen of monitored gadget;
  • Extreme plan ($59.97/month) – includes all previous features along with Web history monitoring which means mSpy will help to keep track on all information that is entered into user’s device from any browser. mSpy offers a money-back guarantee within three months if you are not satisfied with the service provided by mSpy or its features do not work as promised . You can download app for free and use it on one phone first to make sure everything works fine before going ahead with paid subscription plan. Also, there is no need to root your Android device – mSpy will work without rooting too.

This app has monthly plans which start at $29/month (with basic functions) and go up to $69/ month (Extreme). They offer special discounts when signing up for six months or yearly contracts. It also provides additional discount coupons and promo codes for extra savings.

It also has special plans at $19/month which you can get if coupon code is applied on order form . This plan offers cell phone tracking of up to three devices such as Android, iOS or Blackberry phones – this means that if your spouse uses two different mobile cellular devices with different operating systems then it will be possible to track both of them using the same subscription plan.

mSpy Installation and Setup

Installation process is easy and fast. You only have to do these steps:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Purchase the plan you want (they offer monthly, quarterly or yearly plans)
  3. Download their tracking app on your target device through a link which they will provide in email after order form submission . It’s compatible with both Android and iPhone devices – it also supports Blackberry phones but this phone model isn’t very popular nowadays so it can be even harder to find someone using one of those. Make sure that the package includes control panel access for all operating systems your partner/child may use because otherwise installation won’t be possible!


In final words I can say that mspy is a great app for tracking your children’s online activity. It will provide you with all needed information about their phone calls, SMS, chats in social networks or emails sent and received on target device. You can review it from any computer at home or office network – only thing to do after order form submission is waiting few minutes until they send email containing download link.

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