Come rintracciare la posizione via e-mail: Una guida completa

In today’s world, email has become one of the most used modes of communication. It is not only an efficient way to send and receive messages, but it also allows you to track the location of the person who sent the email. In this article, we will discuss how to track location by email and the various methods available to do so.

Why do you need email location tracker?

Tracciamento della posizione via e-mail

There can be various reasons why someone might want to have gmail phone tracker. For instance, if you receive a suspicious email, knowing the location of the sender can help you determine if it’s a scam or a legitimate email. Similarly, if you’re a business owner, tracking the location of your emails can help you determine the geographic reach of your email marketing campaigns.

Whatever your reason may be, there are various methods available to track the location of an email sender.

Method 1: IP Address Lookup – Track gmail account location free!

Every device that is connected to the internet has a unique IP address, which is like a digital fingerprint that can be used to identify its location. By using an IP address lookup tool, you can find the geographic location of the device that sent the email.

To track the location of an email sender using this method, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open the email that you want to track.
  • Find the header of the email, which contains information about the sender, recipient, subject, and date.
  • Look for the IP address of the sender in the email header. The IP address is usually located in the “Received” field.
  • Copy the IP address and paste it into an IP address lookup tool like or
  • The tool will show you the location of the device that sent the email, including the country, city, and sometimes even the street address.

Method 2: Email Tracking Services – Track gmail account location!

Tracciamento della posizione via e-mail

Email tracking services are third-party tools that allow you to track the location of an email sender. These services work by embedding a tracking pixel or a code into the email that can track the email’s location when it’s opened.

To track the location of an email sender using an email tracking service, you need to follow these steps:

  • Sign up for an email tracking service like Mailtrack or HubSpot Sales.
  • Compose a new email or reply to an existing email using the email tracking service.
  • Send the email to the recipient.
  • When the recipient opens the email, the tracking service will notify you and provide you with the location of the device that opened the email.

Methods of gmail tracking location are beneficial for businesses that want to track the success of their email marketing campaigns. These services provide information about the number of opens, clicks, and replies to the email, in addition to the location of the recipient.

Method 3: Social Media and Search Engines

Social media and search engines can also be used to track the location of an email sender. For instance, if the email sender has their social media accounts linked to their email address, you can search for their social media profiles using their email address. Once you find their social media profiles, you can see their location information if it’s publicly available.

Similarly, you can use search engines like Google to search for the email address of the sender. If the sender has used their email address on any online forums or websites, you can find their location information on those sites.

Method 4: Law Enforcement

Tracciamento della posizione via e-mail

In some cases, law enforcement agencies can help track the location of an email sender. If you receive threatening or harassing emails, you should report them to the police. They can use their resources to track down the sender and take legal action against them if necessary.

How to track location using gmail account?

You can track the location of an email sender using their Gmail account. If the person has logged in to their Gmail account from a particular location, you can find out the IP address associated with that log-in. You can then use a third-party service like IPLocationFinder to map the IP address and pinpoint the exact geographical location of the sender. If Gmail isn’t used, you can still try to track down the email’s location by looking at headers and other data points in the email.

Must say that gmail location tracking is not a 100% accurate. It can provide you with approximate locations, but it’s still important to look into other methods of tracking emails if you need more accuracy in the information you are trying to find.

Google also allows people to share their location within Gmail. If someone enables this feature, when they send an email from their account, their location will be included in the email header. This makes it easier for anyone to track down the original sender’s exact location and can give you more precise information about where an email was sent from. Also tracking gmail account can help to identify the sender in a more detail way.


Tracking the location of an email sender can be useful in various situations. Whether you want to verify the authenticity of the sender or take legal action against them, the above methods can help you track down their location. However, it’s important to keep in mind that tracking someone’s email address is generally illegal and should only be done if necessary. Make sure to use the proper resources and take into account any potential legal implications before taking any further steps.

It is also important to remember that, depending on the type of email address or service used, it may be difficult or impossible to track someone’s exact location. With that said, these methods can still help you narrow down their general location and provide valuable information about the sender. Good luck!

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