Le migliori applicazioni spia nascoste per Android: Recensione per voi

In 2023 hidden spy apps for android phones are becoming increasingly popular, with both parents and companies eager to protect their children and business interests. Whether you want to keep eye on your kids’ activity or monitor the use of company-owned devices, there are several hidden spy apps available that allow you to remain undetected while tracking text messages, calls, GPS location and more.

The target audience of hidden spy apps for Android includes several groups of people, such as parents, employers, and individuals in relationships. Here are some possible statistics for their use:

Le migliori applicazioni spia nascoste per Android: Recensione per voi
  • Parents: Parents are among the primary target audience of hidden spy apps for Android, with 73% of parents surveyed using such apps to monitor their children’s online activity in a 2019 survey by Pew Research Center.
  • Employers: Employers and business owners also use spy apps to monitor their employees’ activities during work hours. According to a study by the American Management Association, around 80% of companies in the US monitor their employees in some way, including using spy apps on their company-owned devices.
  • Individuals in relationships: People who are in relationships may use hidden spy apps to monitor their partner’s online activities. According to an article in Psychology Today, approximately 25% of couples have used such apps to check their partner’s text messages, call logs, or social media accounts.

The reasons behind the use of hidden spy apps for Android may vary depending on the target audience.

Some common reasons include:

  • Safety and security concerns
  • Protecting personal information
  • Monitoring suspicious behavior
  • Preventing cyberbullying and harassment
  • Ensuring compliance with company policies
  • Improving productivity and efficiency

Best hidden spy apps for android 2023!


mspy android

First on the list is mSpy, a powerful and user friendly platform. It can be used to track SMS, calls, GPS location and much more. The app also has advanced features such as keylogging which gives you full access to your target’s online activity.

mSpy prices vary depending on the plan you choose, but there is a 7-day free trial available.

mSpy pluses

  • User-friendly platform
  • Powerful features such as keylogging
  • Easy installation

mSpy minuses

  • Battery draining



Moniterro is a mobile monitoring app that can be used to monitor phone activity on both Android and iOS devices. Moniterro provides users with a variety of features including text message tracking, call recording, GPS location tracking, access to social media accounts, keylogging, and remote control of the monitored device. The app is easy to install and use, and all data collected can be accessed from an online dashboard or sent directly to your email address.

Moniterro Pluses

  • Wide range of features for comprehensive monitoring
  • Ability to track multiple types of activity
  • Secure online dashboard access
  • Email alert feature for immediate notifications

Moniterro Minuses

  • Expensive subscription plans
  • Complicated setup process for some users
  • No live customer support



Scannero is a spy application that allows you to track the location of a mobile phone. It is designed to be used by parents who want to monitor their child’s smartphone activity, businesses that need to track the location of company-owned phones, or individuals who want to track the location of their partners or family members. With Scannero, you can view the location of a device in real-time, as well as see the device’s location history. This feature can be useful if you are concerned about the safety or whereabouts of a loved one.

Scannero pluses

  • Only phone number is necessary
  • Aggiornamenti in tempo reale
  • Scannero is secure and uses end-to-end encryption to protect your data
  • The user interface is simple and straightforward to use

Scannero Minuses

  • The app may be expensive for some users



Eyezy is a spy application that allows users to monitor and track all information from a target phone. It can track a wide range of activities, including calls, text messages, emails, GPS location, internet browsing history, social media accounts, and more. This application is designed to be used by parents who want to monitor their child’s phone activity, employers that need to monitor their employees’ phone usage, or individuals who want to monitor the phone activity of a partner or family member. Eyezy is easy to install and use, and all the information collected is uploaded to a secure online dashboard that users can access from anywhere.

Eyezy Pluses

  • Quickly install and get up and running
  • Wide range of features that track a variety of activity
  • Secure online dashboard to access the data collected
  • Detailed reports to help you analyze the data collected

Eyezy Minuses

  • Costly subscription plans

mSpy, Scannero, Eyezy and Moniterro are all great monitoring solutions for parents and employers alike. While each provides a comprehensive range of features for tracking activity on smart devices, mSpy stands out as the best option based on its affordability, ease of setup and use, secure online dashboard access and live customer support.

Mspy also offers an extensive list of available services such as call logs, text message tracking, browser history monitoring and much more. All data collected can be viewed both directly from the online dashboard or sent to your email address in real-time. With competitive pricing plans and a wide array of features to choose from mSpy is the best choice for those looking for complete control over their target phone.

As a reliable, trustworthy and secure all-in-one solution for tracking activity on smart devices, mSpy is the perfect tool to keep your family safe and sound.

Le migliori applicazioni spia nascoste per Android: Recensione per voi

Here are ten reasons why someone may consider using a hidden spy app on an Android device:

  • To monitor the online activity of a child and ensure their safety and well-being.
  • To monitor employees and ensure they are following company policies, especially those who deal with sensitive information.
  • To locate a lost or stolen phone or prevent data loss in case of theft.
  • To check if a partner is cheating or lying.
  • To protect personal information and ensure that any sensitive files are deleted after use.
  • To stay updated on current location and travel plans in case of an emergency.
  • To prevent cyberbullying, harassment, and other forms of online abuse that can harm an individual’s mental and physical health.
  • To ensure compliance with local, national, and industry regulations.
  • To maintain the security of the Android device and prevent malicious activity.
  • To improve productivity and efficiency by tracking and analyzing app usage and online activity.

It is important to use spy apps responsibly and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as the unauthorized use of such apps can lead to serious legal and ethical consequences.

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