How to stop sharing location without them knowing

You know how many people are not aware that they’re sharing their location when they share photos on social media? It’s a lot. And you probably don’t want to be one of them. Luckily, there are ways for you to stop sharing your location without the other person knowing. Here are four simple steps to take so you can have some privacy in this digital age!

The first and most important step in stopping location sharing is to turn off the GPS on your phone. You can do this by going into your iphone settings, click privacy, then location services. Click “location services” at the top of the page and finally switch off all three options: system-wide (don’t forget), always allow when locked or never allow. This will stop you from sharing physical locations with anyone else who accesses your device without permission – including apps like Instagram!

Another option if changing these settings seems daunting is downloading an app that does it for you automatically. There are a couple decent ones out there such as No Share Zone and Stop Sharing my Location Free however they come with some problems too: they require lots of battery power and can be hard to locate.

For those reasons, we recommend against using them on an iPhone or any device that runs on iOS because it is designed differently than Android devices so the apps may not function properly or consistently. If you use an android device instead then these might work well for you!

Another way is Enable Airplane Mode . This will stop all apps from feeding your location data to the “cloud” (the internet) which is where it can be accessed by people who aren’t supposed to. A quick warning though: Airplane Mode cuts off access for you too, so don’t use this method if there’s somewhere you need or want to go soon – otherwise just turn on airplane mode and wait a while before turning it back off again!

If none of these options work for you, Stop Sharing Location with a Factory Reset or by putting your phone in Lost Mode.

You could also Stop Sharing Location through iCloud which allows you tracks of your phone in case its stolen or lost. It comes with a price tag however at $99/year because they have tremendous security features that make sure no one else has access to them without your permission.

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