How to track someone with their phone number

There are many reasons why someone might need to know another person’s location. Maybe you want an update on your spouse, or maybe you’re trying to find out if your significant other is meeting up with their ex. Whatever the reason may be, it can be difficult and time-consuming to figure out where they currently are without having access to their phone. Luckily there are plenty of ways for people to track a phone number by typing in the number online!

Why Might You Need to Know Someone’s Location?

There are plenty of reasons why people might need to know where other people currently are and the most common one is tracking a spouse. Maybe you’re suspicious your partner is cheating or maybe they haven’t been returning home at night like usual, which makes you think that something could be wrong. You want to make sure that everything with your partner is okay and that they aren’t in a dangerous situation. By tracking their phone number, you can find out if they’re in danger or not.

You may also need to track someone by their phone number because of safety concerns for your children. Maybe you just want to make sure that your kids are safe when they leave the house and don’t want them wandering off too far away from home. This way, you will know where exactly your child is at all times so it makes it easier for you to keep them within a certain distance of the house while still allowing them freedom!

How To Track A Phone Location By Number?

There are several ways for people who aren’t tech-savvy though to have access to the internet through their computer or mobile device which allows users with a computer to track a cell phone location.

If you want to find the exact address of where someone is then it’s not very likely that you will be able to see this information for free unless they choose to share their location with you through social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, etc.

Type in Phone Number and Find Location Free

If you would like to track a phone number then it’s possible that you can do this through a mobile device or computer.

To search for the location of any particular cell phone, all you need is access to their phone number as well as an internet connection on your own device. If someone has given permission for their current location information (such as an online account) then they might provide exact coordinates where they are at right now without even having told anyone about it if they wanted other people to know.

But if you haven’t permission for someone’s location information, you can use another way to track them and that is through their phone number. Nowadays, people have their phones with them all the time and a person’s location can be traced to wherever that phone is at.

There are different ways of being able to track someone through their cell phone, but one method which you use an app on your own device called “cell spy” or something similar – this will allow you to know if they’re in town or far away from home before showing where exactly there might be either by tracking GPS coordinates or giving the approximate distance between you and them (in miles). You don’t need any additional hardware for this other than having internet access on whichever devices you happen to want to use it with. If using another device such as a tablet computer then some apps may require an external bluetooth scanner while others work without such hardware.

This method is also very quick and easy to do, you can install it on any device or computer that has internet access. You just need to enter in their phone number as the target of your search then within seconds it will return a location such as a map pinpoints coordinates (if those are available) or approximate distance between devices. If the person who’s being tracked happens to be moving at this time, for example walking around town with their cell phone in the pocket while out shopping etc., then all locations they go through during the day would show up every ten minutes so long as there was GPS signal for each place which could change without them knowing since many apps now use wifi hotspots instead of satellite signals when indoors – but only if local wi-fi is available. Here are the steps to track someone’s location by phone number:

  • The first thing you need to do is type in the phone number and hit “Track”.
  • Next, choose between either Google Maps or Apple Maps. Most users should be able to use both of these apps without much trouble since they are pretty straightforward when it comes down to finding locations. However, there might be a few instances where one may work better than another for your particular situation so keep that in mind as well.

Now all you have to do is sit back and wait until someone calls them using their cell phone or if they instant message on Facebook Messenger etc.. This will allow p app access into the person’s account which makes tracking much easier because now an exact location can show instead of just approximate coordinates though you can get that information as well depending on the app you use.

Also not forget about spying apps, you can track your children or employees with them as well. This is an easy way to keep tabs on someone without having the need for a physical presence. We can recommend some apps like mSpy, Moniterro, and Scannero.


mspy location

mSpy is an app that allows you to track and monitor your children’s or employees’ activities on smartphones and tablet devices. It gives parents the ability to trace their kid’s location via GPS, read text messages sent and received, control what apps they use down to each specific detail as well as view pictures/videos taken with the device’s camera. All this information is available remotely from any Web-enabled device such as a desktop computer, notebook computer, or mobile phone.


moniterro location

Moniterro it is an easy way for spying cell phones without having access to them physically because everything happens online through email alerts which can be configured according to specifications; these include various notifications like when new texts come in (with content), calls made (time and duration), changes in call status (answered or missed), cell phone GPS location, remote photos taken with the device’s camera and so on.

Scannero the service to track someone phone by phone number and compatible with all the latest smartphones and operating systems, including Android (version Froyo or higher), iOS (iPhone OS version of 9.3 or greater), BlackBerry (version OS minimum is version 4.0. Latest release for BB devices has been software version), Windows Mobile/CE & Symbian all versions, and includes 24×365 customer support services to help you configure your monitoring system.

The best part about Scanerro is that it does not require the physical installation on the cell phone being monitored; rather an online account can be used to monitor any device with internet access anywhere in the world as long as there’s a web connection available!


In this article mentioned some good apps that can be used to track someone with their phone number. mSpy is one of the best among them with its great features and customer support service. This app has all the needed features to track someone and is very easy to use. If you are looking for an app that can help you keep your loved ones safe, then mSpy would be the best choice for you.

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