How to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID

The iPhone has become a staple in the modern world. All of your requirements may be met at the same location, from banking to dating. This means that there are many opportunities for people to spy on you without your knowledge. However, some spy apps can still be installed on an iPhone without Apple ID and password! In this blog post, we will discuss how to install mSpy or Eyezy as well as find out which is the best app for you.

Why Do You Need to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password?

There are many reasons why you might need to spy on an iPhone without Apple ID and password. The most common reason is parental control. Parents want to be able to keep track of their children’s online activity and ensure that they are not engaging in dangerous behavior or talking with strangers online. Another reason for spying on someone’s iPhone will be if you are suspicious that your partner is cheating on you. By using a spy app, you can track their movements and conversations to see if they are being truthful about where they have been and who they have been talking to.

Is It Possible to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password?

You might be wondering whether it is possible to spy on an iPhone without having an Apple ID and password now that you’ve decided you’d want to do so. It’s widely known that monitoring someone without an Apple ID and password is difficult, with the exception of many individuals who believe it’s impossible unless the gadget is jailbroken.

The majority of users would not be able to jailbreak their target device because it may not be possible for numerous reasons, the most significant being that the owner will notice their device has been jailbroken. Not to mention that the process of jailbreaking can damage your device and, in some cases, result in data loss.

However, there is an alternative. An iPhone may be monitored without requiring the user’s Apple ID or password, or the need to jailbreak it. Some of them are highly efficient and easy to use.

How to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password for Free

There are a few methods to spy on an iPhone without an Apple ID or password:


mspy iphone

This app is compatible with all iPhones and iPads, as well as other iOS devices. It is one of the most popular apps for monitoring iPhone activity because it has a wide range of features. And here are some of them:

  • Tracking SMS, as well as messages on social media (Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook), and more
  • You can keep track of the pictures sent and received on your phone
  • It doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iPhone in order to use it.
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Call Recordings and Call Tracking
  • Keylogging

To spy on an iPhone without the Apple ID and password, you’ll need to install the mSpy program on the device. Follow these simple procedures if your iPhone is jailbroken:

  • Tap the Cydia icon on your iPhone’s home screen.
  • To save time, go to Sources > Edit > Add. In the space provided, type the address where you can download the mSpy app for iPhone and then hit “Add Source.”When you’re finished using Cydia to update mSpy’s source, tap “Return to Cydia.”
  • Go to Cydia and look for “Mtechnology LTD repository.” After that, choose “All Packages > iPhoneInternalService > Install,” then confirm mSpy’s installation on the iPhone by tapping “Confirm.”
  • The software will start downloading on your iPhone automatically. Tap “Restart SpringBoard” when the download is finished.
  • After that, tap the mSpy icon to install it on the device. Tap “Continue > Accept”.
  • Finally, pick whether you’d want mSpy to be visible on the target device or not, then type in the registration code you received when you purchased mSpy, and tap “Finish Registration.”

Once you’ve downloaded the mSpy software and installed it on your smartphone or tablet, you’re ready to start collecting data. Now all you have to do is sign in to the mSpy dashboard and start monitoring whatever data you wish to monitor.



This is another iPhone spy app that you can use to spy on an iPhone without Apple ID and password. And this app has similar features:

  • You can monitor phone calls and text messages
  • Track the location of your children or partner in real-time
  • Read instant message conversations on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, etc.
  • Tracking GPS location

You also should install Eyezy on the device, to spy on an iPhone without the Apple ID. The process of setting it up is very similar to mSpy:

  • First, download the Eyezy software onto your computer.
  • Next, connect the target device to your computer and launch Eyezy. Then click “Start Monitoring.”
  • Enter the registration code you received when you purchased Eyezy, then tap “Register Device.”

Once installed, Eyezy will run in stealth mode on the target device and start collecting data. To view or access this data, sign in to the Eyezy dashboard from your computer.



Another monitoring software that may be used to spy on an iPhone without requiring the Apple ID and password is Cocospy. It’s also successful in detecting when a smartphone is being used without the user knowing. It’s particularly accurate in reporting the most frequent sorts of data.

Here are some useful features:

  • Call recording
  • It can also keep track of SMS messages and social media communications such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp messages.
  • Location tracking
  • The device’s browser history will also be recorded and evaluated by the program, giving a detailed record of all the sites visited

How to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password for Free

The programs we’ve discussed above are all extremely effective, but they are also premium solutions that necessitate the purchase of a license to utilize. You can try the following alternatives if you don’t want to use a paid tool to check your iPhone:

Use Find My iPhone

The Find My Friends app can be used to track the location of a device without needing access to the Apple ID or password. The app must be installed on both devices (the one you’re wanting to track and the iPhone you have access to) and then enabled in settings. Once it’s turned on, you’ll be able to see the other person’s location within the app.

Use iCloud Backup

If you have access to another phone or computer that is synced with the target iPhone via iCloud, you can view a backup of its contents. To do this:

  • Open your browser and go to (this will open up Find My iPhone)
  • Log in using Apple ID and Password associated with the device
  • Click on All Devices at top right corner then select the name of the iPhone

Tap into the “More Actions” icon situated at the bottom right side; choose “Show as List” and check for an option called Backups here as well as click the “Details” icon next to it i.e., located beside each entry listed under Backups tab so that information about time & date when last back up was done is revealed

If the iCloud backup hasn’t been enabled on the device, then you cannot spy on it without Apple ID and Password. In such a case, using one of the iPhone spy apps mentioned in this blog post will be your best bet to get access to its contents.

FAQs on iPhone Spy Apps

Do I Need to Jailbreak the Device to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password?

The answer to this question is both a yes and no. While most of the iPhone spy apps mentioned in this blog post do not require you to jailbreak the device for spying on it, there are a few that do. So, it really depends on which app you choose to use.
However, even if the app you’re using does require you to jailbreak the device, it’s still worth doing as jailbreaking will give you access to a lot more information than you would otherwise be able to see.
Some of the best iPhone spy apps that don’t require jailbreaking are mSpy and Eyezy.

Are These Spy Apps Undetectable and Invisible on the Target Device?

This is a common question that many people have, and the answer is generally yes. Most of these spy apps are designed to be as discreet and undetectable as possible on the target device. However, there is always the chance that a savvy user will be able to detect them if they’re looking for them.
So, if you’re worried about someone finding out that you’re spying on them, it’s best to choose an app that has good stealth features.
If you want to use an iPhone spy app for free, then your best bet is Find My iPhone or Find My Friends. These apps are built into iOS and are therefore very difficult to detect.

Which Is the Best iPhone Spy App I Can Use?

There is no one “best” iPhone spy app. However, our top picks are mSpy and Eyezy. All of these apps have been tested and proven to be effective in spying on iPhones. mSpy is the most popular iPhone spy app on the market right now. It has a wide range of features and can be used for both parental control and partner monitoring. Eyezy is another good option for parents who want to keep tabs on their kids’ activities. It’s also great for partner tracking and monitoring. So you can choose either mSpy or Eyezy depending on your needs.

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