How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Without Them Knowing?

WhatsApp is one of the oldest and most popular messaging platforms nowadays. The app’s position as a leading messaging platform is a result of constant upgrading and refinement. However, you’ve probably already read a thousand times that it’s possible to read WhatsApp messages in secret.

We’re here to help you silence the noise out there and find out exactly how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing using simple, reliable methods. Like most people who search for WhatsApp hacking solutions on Google, you probably don’t have the time or resources to dabble with many different solutions to figure out which one suits you best. 

You probably just want a quick way to get wind of your kid’s activities to ensure their online safety or find evidence to resolve suspicions of infidelity in your partner quickly. Or maybe you’re a busy manager who needs an easy way to track your employees during the time on the clock. 

We’ve done all the groundwork for you, using our steep phone tracking experience to find and recommend the best spy apps to read WhatsApp messages.

Methods for Spying on Messages in WhatsApp

The methods we’ll be recommending are simple yet effective because they target a weaker point of entry – the target phone.

Note, however, that you might have challenges implementing some of these methods, but you can always hire technical hands to fill any talent gap.

Phishing Technique

Let’s start with the more complex methods to prepare your mind for the easier ones –  which use similar principles but in simpler ways. With phishing, you create a fake WhatsApp site with a URL that sounds like the real site (like or and graphics that look exactly like the real one. 

The aim is to lure your target to log into their account through the fake site. Once they do, you can collect their account credentials and use them to track your target on your phone.

Now, the first part is where the Herculean technical challenge lies. But you can go around that by hiring a phishing professional to build you the fake site. You can take care of getting your target to use the phishing site. 

You can send them a message pretending to be a familiar brand or security agency asking them to take action on their account to get an offer or upgrade their account security.


With a keylogger, you can discover someone’s WhatsApp login credentials without going through the hoops of creating a fake login site and nudging your target to use it. A keylogger, which records every key pressed on the target phone, can capture their WhatsApp credentials whenever they log into their account.

Now, you can get a standalone keylogger software or opt for one that comes with a spy app, which is the following method we’ll be discussing. Depending on the quality of the keylogger report, you might find your target’s WhatsApp credentials neatly spelled out, or you might have to trace it out from a bunch of other entries.

Use a Spy App

The best method we recommend using is spy apps. They let you hack someone’s WhatsApp with many different tools, including a keylogger and a WhatsApp tracker.

Spy apps work by latching the target phone’s operating system and copying every data registered on the phone. They’re usually untraceable. You won’t have to worry about your target noticing suspicious signs of cheating like their systems dragging due to extra load on their hard drive or their data plans getting used up faster than usual.

A spy app can copy and send WhatsApp data from your target phone to your user dashboard all day long without ever raising any suspicion.

Best Spy Apps to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Without Them Knowing

We won’t leave you to go searching for spy apps on your own. Here’s a review of the most reliable spy apps to spy on WhatsApp that have delivered the goods for us consistently over the years.

1. mSpy

mspy whatsapp

We’re starting with mSpy, the app that gives you the best WhatsApp tracking experience. mSpy is your best bet for learning how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages thanks to a combination of several factors like a massive collection of spying tools, a lightweight algorithm that’s untraceable, and a simple, neat user interface. 

With mSpy, you can track your target’s WhatsApp activities using many different tools, including a keylogger, a WhatsApp tracker, and remote screenshots. These tools give you complete coverage of your target’s WhatsApp activities. You’ll get to view all their private messages, direct messages, group messages, friend’s list with full contact details of their friends, plus more. 

You can set up and access all these tools with a simple process. It only takes a brief moment to install mSpy, after which you can then log into your dashboard whenever you want to spy on WhatsApp. 

Key WhatsAppTracking Features of mSpy

mSpy comes with more than 25 features to make your spying campaign successful. However, the following ones can help you track your target’s WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Tracker

mSpy comes with various tracking features designed for specific social media platforms, including WhatsApp. The WhatsApp tracker gives you a complete breakdown of your target’s WhatsApp activities. 


mSpy’s keylogger gives you a well-detailed report of your target’s key presses. The report groups all keys pressed on WhatsApp in a distinct category. It’ll present your target’s WhatsApp credentials as well as the WhatsApp messages they type out. But you can’t use it to track incoming messages. 

Remote Screenshots

With this feature, you can take screenshots of the target phone remotely while they’re using their WhatsApp account.


  • Straightforward installation process.
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of your target’s WhatsApp activities, including the time and date stamps of messages and full profile of contacts.
  • A lightweight algorithm that works without leaving any traces on the target phone.
  • Tracks WhatsApp on non-jailbroken or non-rooted phones.
  • Reliable round-the-clock technical support.


  • mSpy goes well above and beyond to provide the best phone tracking experience – no other app out there can match mSpy’s offer.

How to Read Others WhatsApp Messages on Android?

Let’s show you how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing with mSpy. You just need a few minutes with the target phone to download and install the app on it.

Here are all the steps involved:

Step 1. Create Your mSpy Account

Run mSpy’s official site on your browser, then click the ‘Try Now’ button. On the next page, fill out your email address, and then choose Android as the type of device you want to spy on. 

Step 2. Purchase Your Subscription

After that, you’ll find the subscription page, where you can choose the most suitable subscription plan. Proceed to the checkout and complete payment for your subscription plan.

Step 3. Download and Install mSpy

You need to follow through with the download and installation instructions you’ll find in your confirmation mail. This will require some time alone with the target phone. First, you might need to disable some restrictions on the target phone and then load a link that’ll automatically trigger the download and installation of the app. 

Note that to activate mSpy’s full range of WhatsApp tracking features, you need to root the Android phone. After installing on the target phone successfully, you need to set up the mSpy APK on your target’s phone. Click on the download link in your confirmation email and follow the installation wizard.

Step 4. Start Tracking to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages

You’ll start getting updates of your target’s WhatsApp messages on your mSpy dashboard. Simply login and navigate to the WhatsApp tracker, keylogger, or remote screenshot features.  

How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages on iPhone?

mSpy’s WhatsApp tracker is also easy to set up on the iPhone. Perhaps the only major hurdle here is finding your target’s iCloud credentials to enable mSpy to track WhatsApp data uploaded to their iCloud. 

If you can’t figure out your target’s iCloud credentials, you need to jailbreak the target iPhone, so you can download and install mSpy directly on it. Here’s a breakdown of all the steps involved:

Step 1. Register Your mSpy Account

Open mSpy’s official website and click the ‘Try Now’ button, fill out your email on the next page, and then select iOS as the type of device you want to track WhatsApp activities on.

Step 2. Purchase Your Subscription

Choose the type of subscription that best suits you, and then proceed to the checkout and complete your payment.

Step 3. Set Up mSpy

There are two ways of setting up mSpy to track your target’s WhatsApp on iPhone. You can get WhatsApp updates from their iCloud account. This method can be implemented remotely, without any need for physical access to the target phone. You simply need to enter your target’s iCloud credentials on your user dashboard.

However, you need to ensure that two-factor authentication is disabled for their iCloud logins and that iCloud syncing is active for their WhatsApp data. If it isn’t possible to get all this right, you might need to track WhatsApp directly on the target phone – not on iCloud. That implies installing mSpy’s WhatsApp tracker directly on the target phone. 

However, to do that, you need to jailbreak the target iPhone to allow it to download apps from other sources besides the App Store.

Step 4. Start to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Online

Once you pull off the installation steps successfully, you can open your mSpy dashboard anytime and navigate to the WhatsApp data section to read your target’s WhatsApp messages.

2. Moniterro

moniterro whatsapp

Moniterro provides a hassle-free way to learn how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing. You can be one of the millions of Moniterro users who’ve had a satisfactory experience tracking WhatsApp and other social media activities without the person knowing. 

The app boasts an AI-powered algorithm that tracks and copies WhatsApp data on a target phone in stealth. The comprehensive WhatsApp tracking report from Moniterro covers all the texts sent or received, incoming and outgoing WhatsApp calls, shared multimedia files, and lots more. 

Each category of WhatsApp activity is well detailed. For text messages and WhatsApp calls, you can see the content, the time and date stamps, and the full contact details of the correspondents.


  • Packs a punch of other phone tracking features – a whooping 35 in total.
  • Tracks WhatsApp on up to 20 different devices with one account.


  • Customer support is unreliable.
  • WhatsApp tracker works only on rooted/jailbroken phones.

3. Eyezy

eyezy whatsapp

Eyezy is another top-notch spying app that gives you well-detailed coverage of your target’s WhatsApp activities. The app supports remote and untraceable tracking operations, allowing you to track your target’s WhatsApp remotely without leaving any sign of your tracking activities on the target phone. 

With Eyezy, you’ll get to see your target’s WhatsApp texts, calls, contact list, group list, and profile updates. It even enables passive tracking with a keyword alert feature. That way, you’ll only need to view your target’s WhatsApp activities when specific words or phrases are mentioned in their conversations.


  • Compatible with every smart device and phone operating system.
  • Works on non-rooted or non-jailbroken phones.
  • Comes with instant keyword alerts via email.


  • The user interface can be quite challenging to grasp.
  • Doesn’t work on phones with antivirus and anti-malware.


With these methods for how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages, you can always get a step ahead of your target, picking up on everything they do on the platform without ever getting spotted. You can track their incoming and outgoing calls and messages, friends list and group list, profile updates, and shared multimedia files. 

Top-notch spy apps like mSpy provide a variety of tools that makes it possible to track WhatsApp activities with or without access to the target phone. You can also gain access to a host of other phone data, including activities on social media platforms, location data, key logs.

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