How to Read Kik Messages Without Them Knowing?

How to Read Kik Messages Without the Sender Knowing?

Kik is one of the fastest-rising social media platforms in the world today – especially among teens. An estimated 33% of teenagers today are frequent users of the platform. It’s also popular among businesses and everyday people. 

Kik uses a straightforward, easy-to-follow display system that lets users know when messages have been sent, received, and read. In a complete message sequence, you’ll first find an ‘S’ inscribed on the sent message when the message has been sent from your phone. That changes to a ‘D’ when the message is delivered to the target’s device, and then finally an ‘R’ when the message is read.

However, like most popular social media platforms, Kik is a hunting ground for pedophiles, criminals, and men of the underworld. If you have an ethical responsibility to supervise the activities of someone under your care, you should keep track of their Kik activities if they’re active on the platform.

In this guide, we’ll show you the easiest and most reliable ways to read someone’s Kik messages.

Read Kik Messages Without Letting The Sender Know

There are times when you might not want the Kik Messenger to show that an opened message has been read – either for privacy, security, or account monitoring reasons. You might want to learn how to read Kik messages without them knowing on Android or iPhone.

Maybe you’d like to read a message but not respond to it immediately, and you wouldn’t want the sender to know you’ve read the message yet to avoid all the anxiety. 

Here are some ways of how to read old Kik messages without the sender knowing:

Method 1. Open Kik Messages Offline

You can read Kik messages without the sender knowing using this simple trick. With the received message unopened on the phone, turn off your Wi-Fi or 4G connection or enable airplane mode, and then read messages. Keep your internet connection turned off until you’re prepared to let the sender get the read notification. 

As long as your internet connection is out, the Kik app will not be able to update the new status of the opened message on the server. Hence, the sender will not be informed that you’ve read their message until an internet connection is restored on your end. 

But on the flip side, you’ll not be able to do anything else on your Kik without your internet connection – you won’t be getting new messages or sending one. If you need an internet connection for other activities, you’ll need to force close the Kik app first so it doesn’t send updates.

Method 2. Use mSpy

mSpy is ideal if you want to learn how to read someone’s Kik messages without them knowing for ethical reasons. You may find yourself in need of this method as a parent who needs to protect their kids from people with ill-intention or as an employer who needs to ensure their employees don’t engage in questionable conversations on Kik. 

This method works remotely – you’ll probably not need to access the target phone physically at any time. You’ll get access to comprehensive updates of your target’s Kik activities, including the contents of their messages, as well as the time and date stamps.

What mSpy does is basically hide undercover inside the target phone and create copies of every Kik message sent or received on the phone. Now, you can read Kik messages without the sender knowing when you open Kik messages via your mSpy app. That’s because you’re viewing a copy of the message, not the original message itself. 

Screenshot 2021-09-13 at 18-01-13 KiK mSpy.png

So, the original message can remain unopened on the target phone until the owner reads it, even though you went through it the moment it dropped on the phone.

How to Read Old Kik Messages Using mSpy?

Here’s how to read Kik messages without them knowing with mSpy:

Step 1. Purchase mSpy

Open mSpy’s official site on your browser and then click the ‘Try Now’ button. Choose the type of device you want to read Kik messages on as well as a suitable subscription plan, and then complete the payment for your subscription. 

Step 2. Set Up the App

Check the email you provided for your confirmation email and follow the instructions for setting up the app. It usually takes just a few minutes to download and set up the Kik spy APK. If you run into any challenges, mSpy’s technical support team is always available 24/7 to help out. Note, however, that the target phone needs to be jailbroken or rooted to give mSpy maximum access to the phone’s data. 

Step 3. Start Spying on Kik Messages

Once you’re done with the instructions, you can then sit back and scroll through your target’s Kik messages updates whenever you want.

How to Tell When You’re Blocked on Kik?

If you’ve been trying direct monitoring methods like stalking your target’s Kik account, they could block you if you’ve made suspicious moves. So, how do you know when someone has blocked you on Kik? 

You can get blocked unceremoniously on Kik – no warnings or notifications. You just get muted. You’ll get the best clue when you try contacting your target but get a constant ‘D’ on your messages. Your messages are registered as delivered on the target’s server, but nothing shows your target has seen or read them. 

That doesn’t necessarily imply an elongated ‘D’ on your messages means the receiver has blocked you. The person could probably be on vacation or hasn’t been on Kik for a long while, or is now using a new account and hasn’t yet informed you.

How to Block Someone on Kik?

On the converse, you might also find yourself in a situation where you need to block someone on Kik for security or personal reasons. If you’ve found someone stalking or sending suspicious messages to your loved ones on Kik or sending you disturbing messages (including bot marketing messages), you can block them with just a few clicks.

Here’s what it takes:

  1. Run your Kik app and tap the Settings button in the top-right corner of your screen.
  2. Open ‘Chat Settings → Block List ’, then tap the ‘+’ symbol on the next window.
  3. A list of all your Kik contacts will then appear on your screen. Select the ones you want to block, and then accept the new changes on the next page.

That’s the end of your contact with that individual. They won’t even know you’ve blocked them – as earlier said, their sent messages will carry a ‘D’ on their end forever.


We’ve shown you all you need to know to learn how to spy on someone’s Kik. We’ve discussed different methods of how to read Kik messages without them knowing. 

Now you know what to do if your target gets wind of your tracking activities and blocks you. You can deploy a reliable Kik spy app like mSpy to bypass any security measures protecting your target’s Kik messages.

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