How to Catch Your Boyfriend Cheating – 5 Ways You Should Try Out

How to Catch Your Boyfriend Cheating: Simple Steps to Take

Being in a relationship with a cheating partner is no laughing matter. There’s so much anguish and emotional pain that comes with it. What’s worse, you might not have the concrete evidence necessary to catch your boyfriend cheating.

Cheating partners are not uncommon in today’s world, and you’d be surprised by how many men cheat on their girlfriends these days. You mustn’t act irrationally as you seek meaningful guides on how to catch your boyfriend in a lie. You’d need cold, hard evidence, even if it means you monitor them without their knowledge.

Below, we’ll show you how you can tell if your boyfriend is a two-timer. You’ll also find out the best spy software to help you dig up enough dirt on him.

How to Find Out If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating?

Are you noticing an odd change in your boyfriend’s behavior? Maybe he’s giving you the cold shoulder or keeping late nights without explanation? Your boyfriend may be cheating and trying his hardest to hide it from you. 

However, if you were wondering, “How do I catch my boyfriend in the act?” there are clues you might want to observe to see if he’s genuinely seeing someone else or just an erratic behavior you could disregard. Below are crucial points you’d need to catch your boyfriend cheating on you.

There are methods you can use to check if your boyfriend is hiding his cheating escapades from you. Some of them include: 

Check His Text Messages App

“How can I see who is texting my boyfriend?“ – you ask? Start from the default text messaging apps on his phone. He might be super-defensive at first, but if you’re discreet about it, you could get into his messaging app to see what he’s got with other people there. However, it bears mentioning that cheaters tend not to use their default messaging apps for dirty acts.

Therefore, you can move over to their third-party apps like WhatsApp and Instagram. Check for archived chats and chats under funny names like “Uncle White.” For expert cheaters, you’ve got to up the game: check for shared documents or drafts under a shared email. 

Check for Hidden Files

If there’s one thing a cheating boyfriend would do well, it’s to hide pictures and files expertly he’s getting from the other lady. You’d have to check through his phone to find hidden multimedia files he’s saved.

It might be a nude picture he’s got saved within 50 folders, or he’s got a vault app that needs a passcode to open its content. If you can find at least one suspicious file, there’s a high chance that there’s more.

Look for Unusual Bank Activities

A cheating boyfriend would likely have to spend some money to keep the illicit affair going. That would mean that he transfers some cash for flimsy reasons. Looking at his bank statements might give you a clue, and it’s much easier if you share an account.

Check for transaction descriptions that you haven’t seen elsewhere: such as lingerie, hotel bills, and gifts that you didn’t get.

Consider Looking Into His Cloud Service

This method applies to most experienced cheaters, as they resort to saving their chats and files on the cloud. Then, they delete the local copies and maintain access whenever they want. It’s such a convenient way to keep their dirty affair, but you can find out if you look long enough.

Check for cloud links they must have forgotten to delete or use spy apps that can hack and monitor his credentials – “How do I catch my boyfriend cheating red-handed” doesn’t get better than that.

Ways to See If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

How to Catch Your Boyfriend Cheating

Cheaters leave their trails all over the place, try as they might not to. Below are some ways you can convince yourself that your boyfriend is seeing someone else:

Question Your Intuition

If you “felt it in your guts” that your boyfriend is cheating on you, there’s the chance that it’s right or wrong. You must understand that “feelings” aren’t proof that the activity occurs, regardless of what online guides on how to catch your boyfriend in a lie tell you. It would be best if you questioned why you currently have the suspicion.

On the one hand, your boyfriend might be going through some phases in his life, and that triggered your suspicion. Your intuition might be off in such a case, and your boyfriend isn’t seeing someone else. 

However, your gut feeling might be true – especially when you’ve seen that it’s been so in the past. If you think you’re right on your intuition that your boyfriend’s cheating, you’d have to pay more attention to more signs that could connect the dots.

Notice the Technological Changes Around Him

Technology has made our lives much better in many ways. It’s also made it much more convenient for cheaters to get away with their dirty acts. The irony doesn’t stop there: technology has also made it much faster to uncover your boyfriend’s activities with the other person.

It’s best to pay attention to technology changes around him. Does he have a second phone when you know one of his numbers? Maybe you found a burner email he opened on his laptop, or he keeps leaving the room to take a call.

Such signs might be innocuous, but there’s a huge chance he’s keeping you away from his other mistress. 

He Doesn’t Allow You to Come to His Work Anymore

A clear sign your boyfriend might be cheating is if he stops bringing you to his workplace anymore. If you both shared moments where you visit him at work to share lunchtime or drive back home, you should know something is up when he no longer wants that.

Granted, some companies might discourage employees from having their partners come over to work. However, if he doesn’t explain that to you in detail, you can almost be sure that he’s got a work mistress he doesn’t want you to see.

His Random Acts Don’t Add Up

Your boyfriend’s weird out-of-the-blues behaviors may point to the second relationship he’s been keeping. He may randomly change his route to work or take the cab even when his car isn’t broken.

What’s more, he may have told you he’s been with a friend from work, when in fact the said friend was elsewhere at the time. When his narratives suddenly no longer add up, there’s a huge possibility there are holes in his plans to hide his illicit affairs from you.

Best Spy App to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend

Tracking your boyfriend’s phone on your own can be a drag, but you can use spy applications to make the process much easier. Below are some of the best spy apps you can use to catch your boyfriend cheating.

1. mSpy

mSpy is reliable spy software that you can use to spy on your cheating boyfriend. It comes with features you’d expect from a spy application, such as remote data tracking and notifications. Also, mSpy does almost all the work for you in a “set and forget” manner.

What’s more, it doesn’t have a lengthy setup process. That’s because mSpy doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking to work on the target device. It’s excellently discreet, as it doesn’t display an icon when it gets into the target device. mSpy is perfect if you’ve been asking the question, “How can I read my boyfriend’s text messages without having his phone?”.

How Can I See Who My Boyfriend Is Texting with mSpy?

While mSpy focuses on messages and call monitoring, it can keep track of other data types. You can use the software to spy on your boyfriend’s browser history and location information. It would even spy on less-used applications like Calendar and Notes apps on the phone.

Features of mSpy

You’d like to know the main features you’d get if you spring for mSpy. Some of its core tracking functions include:

Text Messages

mSpy can track text messages that the target device sends or receives. It would also retrieve any texts your boyfriend might have deleted. In addition to text message monitoring, mSpy is also one of the best apps to see who your boyfriend is texting, with timestamps for convenience.

Social Media Messengers

Another feature at which mSpy excels is social media messenger tracking. It can spy on messages on services like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Viber. mSpy’s social media tracking is such a handy feature, especially when your boyfriend doesn’t leave his dirty chats in his direct message inbox.

GPS Location

Do you need to know your boyfriend’s current location and the places he visits on the GPS? mSpy has such a feature, and it works extensively as well.

Also, its geofencing module allows you to get automatic notifications once the target device enters a particular location you’ve previously set.

gps location

Multimedia Files

mSpy can monitor photos and videos present on your boyfriend’s phone. It would also keep track of the files he shares with other contacts. The spy software supports a broad range of multimedia formats, meaning that you get to see the pictures and videos no matter how hard he tries to hide them.

Browser History

What if your boyfriend keeps his activities in a browser? mSpy can comprehensively track his device there as well. It records the recent websites he’s visited, in addition to the ones he opens the most.

You can flag content and keywords as well. You’d get notified in the app once your boyfriend tries to access them on a website.


  • mSpy is compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • It supports multiple languages other than English.
  • The software is affordable, costing only about $1 a day.


  • You’d need to access the target phone to install mSpy physically.

2. Moniterro


Moniterro is another spy app you can try if you’ve got the question, “how do I catch my boyfriend in the act?”. It has the standard features you can expect from spy software and offers a compelling package overall.

It can track third-party social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat – Moniterro can help you out if your boyfriend uses any of those. It’s also got a location tracking and geofencing function that would alert you when he’s in an area you’ve preset.

Moniterro bundles all these features into an application that requires very little technical know-how – you’d rarely have to root or jailbreak your target’s device to use it.


  • Moniterro is compatible with older iOS and Android versions.
  • It offers 24-hour customer service.


  • Moniterro is slightly more expensive than the competition.
  • It cannot track calls.

3. Eyezy


Eyezy is formidable spy software that could be worth your time. Originally designed to help parents monitor their wards, you can use the application to spy on your cheating boyfriend. It would dive into the target device and record calls, texts, and social media messages.

Furthermore, Eyezy takes things a tad further with its multimedia tracking. You can use the app to go through hundreds of photos and screenshots from your boyfriend’s phone. It does all of these while leaving no traces on the target phone.


  • Eyezy doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking the target phone.
  • It doesn’t require many inputs during setup and installation.


  • It offers the keylogger function separately.
  • The user interface is not very intuitive.

4. Spynger


Spynger is the product to get if you’re looking for how to catch your boyfriend cheating across a broader selection of devices. That’s because the spy software supports Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

You’d appreciate its feature set as well: it can record everything on your boyfriend’s phone, from screenshots to emails. Spynger’s desktop version will also alert you if specific keywords get inputted. You can set the keywords beforehand or log every keystroke made on the computer.


  • Spynger is relatively cheap.
  • The features are tuned to the specific device you use.


  • Spynger can only store 1000 pictures before you have to pay more.

5. Haqerra


There’s no shortage of spyware options available to you, and Haqerra is evidence of that. Haqerra is the app to spy on your boyfriend’s phone and reveal all the truth you need. It’s undetectable and trawls a lot of data on the target device. Do you need to have the entire contacts list on your cheating boyfriend’s phone? Haqerra can handle it pretty fine.

It’s also got the browser history tracking feature that curates the websites visited on the target device by frequency. Haqerra can retrieve recently deleted messages from your cheating boyfriend’s phone as well.


  • Haqerra has a lean and intuitive dashboard.
  • The application can uninstall other apps on the target device.


  • The customer service is not very reliable.
  • There are no free trials before making the purchase.
  • Haqerra lacks some standard features for the price it’s asking.


A cheating boyfriend can cause you pain emotionally and mentally. It only gets worse if you can only suspect without any concrete evidence that he’s two-timing. However, it would help if you swung into action to save yourself in the relationship. One way to do it is by testing and monitoring him to know if he’s cheating for sure.

However, if all the spying would be too much work for you, you can use spy software like mSpy. It would answer the question, “How do I catch my boyfriend cheating on me?” in the most effective way. You can also check out the other spyware recommendations on the list if you like a bit of variety.

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