How to Catch a Cheating Husband

Every day, people come to us at Relationship Hero with questions about catching their cheating spouse. But what if you don’t have a spouse? What if the person you’re interested in is your boss and they’ve been acting weird lately? You can still use these same techniques to catch them in the act!

In this article we will show you how to know when someone might be cheating on their partner through cell phone monitoring apps like Mspy, Eyezy and Moniterro

We’ll also talk about what happens when you catch someone cheating and how it affects your relationship going forward.

Signs of a cheating husband

  • If your husband has recently become more secretive than usual. This is one of the most common signs that someone could be cheating on their significant other, especially if they are acting in strange ways when you ask them about it.
  • They may also start deleting messages and emails without explaining why, or using code words while talking on the phone (to cover up their tracks).
  • If he’s constantly on his phone. You might not be able to get into your husband’s cell phone without him knowing about it, but if you think that something is up with the way he acts around this device, there could definitely be some type of cause for concern. 
  • If they become secretive or defensive when you approach them about texts or emails (that seem like nothing out of the ordinary), then chances are high that these messages may actually contain things that are inappropriate between another person and themselves.
  • He has started exhibiting strange behavior towards friends/family members who have expressed interest in being more intimate than usual with him. Even though most people would expect a married man to resist sexual advances from someone outside of their relationship, if your man is actually responding to these types of invitations, it may be a sign that he has lost interest in the emotional and physical aspects of his marriage.
  • If you notice any changes in their routine or schedule (especially while they are at work), then there is definitely something suspicious going on with them. If this new thing seems like an unnecessary time waster, then odds are high that these recent choices do not have anything to do with the person who usually accompanies him during his daily tasks. Instead, chances are good that he spends some extra alone time developing personal relationships outside of what should really matter most – the one between himself and you!
  • Is he always working overtime recently? Has someone started hanging around the house more often than before? Do his friends look at you funny when they see you two together? Is he giving away small bits of information about himself without actually telling you anything important but them being little details nonetheless – things that your husband would usually not disclose to anyone else other than yourself and which only make sense if put into context with each other…

How to catch a cheating husband on his cell phone:

The most popular method for catching a cheating husband on his cell phone is to get hold of it and check out its contents. This includes going through the list of contacts, checking messages sent/received from all social media apps installed on the device as well as browsing history for suspicious searches or explicit content material.

But how can this be done unnoticed by the husband?

1. mSpy


The best way to catch a cheating husband on his cell phone is by planting an app onto the device. The most popular app for spying on other people’s phones is mSpy.

Most popular functions of mSpy:

  • Find out the truth by checking text messages, IMs, emails and GPS location of target phone
  • View photos/videos taken on the device
  • Track social media activity like WhatsApp chats or Instagram posts. mSpy can also intercept Facebook Messenger chat conversations
  • Monitor all phone calls and call durations
  • Access the address book, browser history and SMS messages. All content is available for download as proof of evidence

mSpy app installation:

This will depend on what type of device it’s installed on – Android or iOS. Installing mSpy requires physical access to target phone since this needs to be done manually by using a computer where you have downloaded the software onto your own laptop/desktop computer first before transferring over to the mobile devices via USB cable connection. Alternatively, if you don’t want to do it yourself; there are companies such as these who can install spy apps like mSpy onto any Apple or Android cell phones remotely without having access rights required.How to track cell phone location with mSpy?

mSpy has one more great feature – GPS tracking. It allows you to see where exactly your spouse is at any moment of time (or was recently). This function may come very useful if cheater suddenly starts acting suspiciously and changes his/her behavior without explanation. For example, there are many cases when a cheating partner leaves home earlier than usually because he or she wants to spend some extra time with their secret lover before going back home.

2. Eyezy


The second popular spy app is called and offers a wide range of features for catching a cheating husband or wife. This spy app is compatible with all types of smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers 

The offered services are very similar with mSpy but vary in some terms such as user-friendliness or price policy. In this case we strongly recommend using either iKeyMonitor or mSpy because they both have great reputations among their customers. These apps offer detailed information about cheater’s activity including: text messages (even deleted), call logs/history (incoming and outgoing calls), GPS tracking system (to see where your spouse was lately).

3. Moniterro


Another app called Moniterro is considered to be another great cell phone spyware. It allows monitoring almost everything on your partner’s smartphone or tablet device including private chats, emails, videos and images stored in the cloud storage apps (e.g.: Dropbox). This app has a very user-friendly interface but its main drawback lies in being compatible only with iOS devices which means that you can install it into iPhones or iPads only whereas Android users are left out of this deal.

What to do when you catch your husband cheating?

  • First things first, you need to ensure that your children are safe.
  • Do not blame yourself for his infidelity. Do not take it personally – the problem is with him and not with you!
  • It’s important to protect yourself financially as well. You will probably want to talk about custody of the kids too so make sure there’s a legal agreement in place before making any decisions on this matter together.

Can cheaters change?

That’s a complicated question and it depends on the circumstances. If you’re asking whether or not your husband can change if he cheats, then I think that is possible – but only with an expert in this field who will help him to understand what led to his infidelity so he can better manage those emotions moving forward. However, some people simply lack empathy and live their lives as narcissists for whom such feelings of guilt do not exist! In my experience dealing with cheating spouse clients over several years now, these types are the ones who truly cannot change because they don’t care about anyone other than themselves.


If you think your husband is cheating on you, the only way to know for sure is by spying on him. Spy apps are a good way to spy on someone’s phone.

Hence, it can be hard to know if your husband is cheating. It might help to try out a spy app like mSPY.

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