How to catch a cheating girlfriend

How to Track My Girlfriend’s Cell Phone Without Her Knowing?

It’s normal to find yourself struggling with thoughts of your partner cheating on you, especially if you’ve been noticing some suspicious behaviors lately. Depending on how deep your suspicions are, you’ll need some information about your wife’s activities to react appropriately. 

If you’ve seen some pretty disturbing signs, you might need to track her to an inch of her life. That might sound corny, but the end might just justify the means. 

In many jurisdictions, it’s outlawed to use spy apps behind someone’s back. However, evidence from phone tracking is increasingly lending weight to claims in divorce cases. 

In this guide, we’ll examine the key signs of cheating that require decisive action. There are definite signs of cheating that you just shouldn’t ignore.

The best way to deal with these signs is to get as much information as possible about your wife – even if it means spying on her phone. If you’ve decided to take the bull by the horn and track your wife directly, we’ll show you how to use a reliable girlfriend phone tracker.

How to Understand Whether She Is Cheating 10 Signs of Cheating

We believe that you can justify spying on your girlfriend only in the case your suspicions are sound. We advise against tracking your girlfriend out of sheer whims. We think it must be because of something out of the ordinary that freaks the hell out of you.

Here are some of the spookiest signs of cheating that are indeed out of the ordinary:

Sudden Physical and Emotional Withdrawal

You shouldn’t just ignore it or take flimsy excuses like work-related stress from her when you notice she’s become reclusive all of a sudden. There’s most likely something really serious going on, and you need to find out about it before it ruins your relationship – even if that means using a girlfriend phone tracker.

Fewer Outings By The Day

If your girlfriend loses interest in all the things she liked doing with you in public – shopping, partying, etc., your relationship is seriously losing steam. She’s probably trying to wind down the relationship in order to kick off another one.

Going off the Radar Frequently

You’ve known her routine like the back of your hands since you started seeing her. But now she’s switching things up suddenly, and there are times in the day when you can’t tell where she is or what she’s doing. You sure do need to fill yourself in – even if it means tracking your girlfriend’s cell phone.

Keeping Things to Herself

Have you been having monologues when you’re talking to her these days? She doesn’t talk about herself or her feelings and opinions. She only just sits and listens as you ramble on. In that case, you need to figure out what’s been going on in her head lately.

She Switches Out Her Wardrobe

Has she switched up gears in her appearance lately? Is she replacing modest dresses with kinky ones? Perhaps she’s always kept things simple and easy-going, but now she dresses to kill. Better find out what’s been motivating her lately before it takes your place in her life.

She Avoids Talking About the Future

A girlfriend who’s really into you won’t find it hard to imagine spending the rest of her life with you. But if you’re just a fling, and she’s probably already thinking of hitching the next ride, you shouldn’t be surprised when you struggle to get her committed.

Fading Intimacy

This is surely one of the most disturbing signs. Intimacy is an essential part of any relationship – sometimes the most important. If she willingly deprives you of intimate time, she’s likely gearing up to call it quits. Better get a step ahead of her plans with a girlfriend phone tracker.

She’s Overprotective of Her Devices

You might need to spy on your girlfriend’s phone to find out what secrets she’s keeping if she’s become overly protective of her device lately. Has she changed her phone password? Does she put away her phone or close her laptop whenever you walk in on her?

She Uses Her Devices in Secret

Maybe you find her up late at night staring at her phone screen – or even worse, giggling as she flips through her screen. Sometimes, she excuses you from taking a call in private and then talks in hushed tones when answering the call. Could she be hiding some damning secrets from you?

New Crop of Male Friends

If you find her making new male friends on social media or in her workplace, you need to watch her more closely. Could she be looking for your potential replacement, or is she just bored and wants a little adventure?

How to Catch a Cheater?

Let’s get down to the main substance of this guide. We’re going to show you how to catch a cheating girlfriend using the most reliable spy app. If you’re wondering, ‘How can I read my girlfriend’s text messages without her phone?’ here’s what you need to know to kick-start a spying campaign.

Use mSpy to Track Your Girlfriend on Android or iPhone

mspy iphone

If you want a straightforward, reliable app that provides a seamless user experience when trying to catch a cheating girlfriend, we strongly recommend mSpy. With a long-established track record of delivering the goods, mSpy gives you access to a well-rounded set of spying features. 

With mSpy, you’ll enjoy a smooth learning curve and round-the-clock technical support when learning how to catch a girlfriend cheating. 

The installation takes just a few minutes, after which the app locks into the target phone’s operating system. From there, it copies all the phone data and sends them over to a remote server. Now, all this happens in secret. mSpy doesn’t display icons anywhere on the phone. And unlike many other spy apps, it doesn’t use any noticeable amount of battery, memory space, or data. 

To view your wife’s phone updates, simply open your user dashboard and scroll through the category of data. You’ll find all her phone data neatly collected and updated in each category.  

Even if she deletes her messages or other records of her activities, you’ll still have access to them on your dashboard. Since the app saves copies of the original data on your user dashboard, you can access records of her phone activities whenever you want – even when she’s deleted them.

How to Catch a Girlfriend Cheating Using mSpy?

mSpy is designed to eliminate any limitation that you might face when learning how to catch a cheating girlfriend on her phone. Perhaps the only challenge you’ll struggle with is getting access to your wife’s phone. 

If she has an Android phone, you’ll need a few moments to install the app on the phone directly. If it’s an iPhone, you need to ensure that iCloud syncing is active for all her phone data. You’ll be tracking her phone data by accessing her iCloud account (using her iCloud credentials) through your mSpy dashboard. 

Here’s all you need to do to set up mSpy to track my girlfriend’s phone without her knowing:

Step 1. Create Your mSpy Account

Load mSpy’s official site on your device and click the ‘Try Now’ button. On the next page, enter your email address, select the type of device you want to track, and then choose a suitable subscription plan.

Step 2. Download and Install mSpy

Check your confirmation mail for your account details and further instructions on how to set up the app. You’ll either need to run the automatic setup link if you’re tracking an Android phone or enter your girlfriend’s iCloud credentials on the app if she has an iPhone. 

Step 3. Start Tracking Your Girlfriend’s Cell Phone

Now you can sit back and scroll through your mSpy dashboard when you want to view updates of your girlfriend’s activities.

Main Functions of mSpy

Let’s look at the most important mSpy features that let you learn how to catch girlfriend cheating:

Call Tracking

Gain full access to your wife’s call logs – including those made via cloud telephony, as Facebook calls and WhatsApp calls. You can even catch a cheating girlfriend by listening in on her live calls or call recordings.

GPS Tracking
gps location

This feature provides your girlfriend’s real-time and past location data in full detail. Track my girlfriend’s location by seeing the exact addresses of every place she stops by. 

Text Messages

You can track every message she sends or receives on her phone, from her SMS to social media messages on apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc. You’ll get to see the contents as well as the time and date stamps and the details of the sender/receiver.

Social Media Monitoring

If you wonder how to catch a girlfriend cheating, sneak into her social media apps. mSpy message trackers include those for Instant Messenger apps.

Installed Applications

mSpy allows you to view all the apps she has on her phone. Look out for dating apps and hidden messaging apps!

Multimedia Files

You’ll also get access to all her multimedia libraries. See all the photos, video, and audio files that are saved on her phone. You can even track the multimedia files she views on social media and other platforms. If you wonder how to catch a girlfriend cheating, this feature is your go-to option.

Browser History

Track every web page she opens on her browsers. See where and what she shops, the things she looks up, her comments on various platforms, etc. You can even view her activities on password-protected sites like membership sites and forums. 


  • Easy to use with a seamless learning curve for learning how to catch a girlfriend cheating.
  • Offers an unrivaled set of phone tracking features ranging from basic to advanced and exclusive.
  • Remote control features for applying changes to her phone (such as deleting messages from suspicious sources) when tracking your girlfriend’s phone.
  • Works in stealth mode – you can rest assured your girlfriend will never suspect that her phone is being tracked.
  • Updates phone data regularly – you can even get updates in real-time.
  • Comprehensive data coverage – mSpy gives you full details of every entry in each category of phone activities.
  • Works without complex technical procedures like jailbreaking or rooting, which exposes the target phone to significant security threats.


  • mSpy is in a class of its own – you won’t find another app that offers as many phone tracking capabilities at a highly competitive price.

Is it Legal to Use Spy Apps to Catch a Cheating Girlfriend?

Before you begin learning how to catch a cheating girlfriend through her phone, you need to come to terms with the full ramifications of your actions. Spy apps are not outright illegal, it’s just that they’re usually put to use illegally – even without the users knowing.

Privacy laws in some areas totally ban the secretive use of spy apps. It might be ok to use spy apps to monitor kids and employees with or without their consent because you’re their custodians. You’d take most of the blame for their actions should anything go wrong. 

In the same vein, one could also argue that to catch a cheating girlfriend by spying on her is an act of preservation. You’re trying to protect yourself, your family, and other legacies of your relationship. 

In the end, there’s only so much that your heart can take, and you need to gain closure about the way that things currently stand in your life, so spy apps might just be worth using.


If you feel you probably know too little about your girlfriend to trust that she’s faithful, it’s probably high time you tracked her phone activities. There might be some legal ramifications for tracking your girlfriend’s phone, depending on your jurisdiction. But it might just be worth it in the end, and you would have saved yourself more trouble than if you’d continued living in the dark.

With mSpy, you can avoid legal ramifications by keeping your tracking activities totally under wraps. Your girlfriend will never suspect a thing, even though mSpy tracks just about everything she does on her phone. 

You’ll get to track her calls, text messages – including instant messages, location, social media activities, browsing activities, plus a whole lot more. 

What’s more, mSpy has a smooth learning curve. You’ll get to deploy this arsenal of spying tools without a hitch, regardless of your technical background. You can always reach out to mSpy’s 24/7 technical support if you run into any difficulties with the app.

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