How can I track my boyfriend’s phone without him knowing? The Best Ways Ever

It is hard to be in a relationship and not know what your partner is doing at all times. You want to trust them, but they could be lying about where they are going or who they are talking to. There will come a time when you need some peace of mind and that is why this blog post exists! Here we will discuss the best ways to track your boyfriend’s phone without them knowing so that you can have full transparency into their life.

How to Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing

The first way to track your boyfriend’s phone without them knowing is mSpy. This software can be downloaded easily onto their device and allows you access to all of the information that it captures. With this application, you will be able to see where they are located, what pictures they have taken, or who has contacted them (even if the number isn’t saved into their contacts). You will also be able to monitor everything that happens on their social media accounts like Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram so that no one can hide anything from you!  

You can easily download this software onto your boyfriend’s phone and start tracking them within a few minutes.

Why should I use mSpy? Is it reliable?

mspy location

mSpy is the most reliable and accurate way to track your boyfriend’s phone without them knowing. This application has been used by hundreds of thousands of users all over the world and it continues to be upgraded with new, advanced technology that allows you access to even more information than before! With mSpy, you are guaranteed 100% accuracy every time.

Here are some main features of mSpy:

  • Access to messages sent from WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and other messaging apps
  • The ability to see the phone’s location on a map at any given time
  • All of the information can be accessed remotely from any personal computer or smartphone
  • The ability to see all pictures taken on the phone, including deleted ones

But it is not all features of this app, although these are the most important ones.

How to Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Location Without Him Knowing

If you have a spouse or significant other that travels for work, then it is likely that they might be spending more time away from home than usual. You may not know where he/she is and this can cause unwanted stress in your relationship. With mSpy’s GPS tracking feature, you will have access to their exact location at all times so long as they have the phone on them! Every morning when they leave, just log into your account and see exactly where they went during the day and what route they took to get there (and back again). This allows you peace of mind whenever your boyfriend leaves without having him physically present.

How to Track My Boyfriend’s iPhone Without Touching It

If your significant other already has an iPhone then tracking them might prove more difficult than before. You can still track their location with a tracking application, but you will need physical access to the phone in order for it to work. If they have an older model iPhone then there is good news: you only need them to click onto one link and your software will be installed onto their device!


The second way to track your boyfriend’s phone without them knowing is by using an application that doesn’t require you to have access to their device. There are a few different applications available on the market, but we can also recommend you an Eyezy me application that is completely free to use! This software will allow you to see all of the calls and messages made on their phone, as well as track their location. You can also access deleted files and pictures so there is no way for them to hide anything from you!

How to Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Location for Free

If you are looking for a free way to track your boyfriend’s phone then one of the best apps that you can use is mSpy’s Lite version. This will allow you access to all of their social media accounts, which means that no matter what they do on any app or website, it will be logged in to your account! 

You can log onto this software from any device with an internet connection and see exactly where they have been over the last 24 hours so long as there was some activity on their app/profile during that time frame. Just remember: if he deletes his history before going away for work again, it will not show up when tracking him through this application.

We also find another app that is used to spy on someone’s phone without installing software called Hoverwatch. This app track calls, messages, social media, and GPS location. It also allows you to monitor someone’s text messages and Whatsapp. This app is fantastic for parents or spouses who want to keep track of their kids.

If you don’t like Hoverwatch you also can try to scannero to track someone’s location without touching their phone. If you want to track someone’s location for free then another good way is by using Google maps or apple maps (if they use ios).

But if your significant other is not going to allow you access to their device, then there are still a few things that you can do. First of all, make sure they know about this article and exactly what it says! If they don’t have an iPhone or another smartphone with GPS capabilities on them 24/24 hours a day, then it will be difficult for someone else to track them from afar without being detected. This means that if you think somebody might be tracking them behind your back (a friend or family member), keep in mind that the person doing so needs constant access to where he/she is at all times!


Now that you know all of the different ways to track your boyfriend’s phone without them knowing, it is time for you to make a decision on which one suits you best! You can either choose mSpy and log onto their account each day (although this will only work if they have an iPhone) or take advantage of Eyezy. This means having access to all of his social media accounts as well as every conversation he has had over the past few months.

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