How can I check my boyfriend’s text messages without his phone?

It’s natural to be curious about what your boyfriend is up to, especially in a committed relationship where trust should be a cornerstone. However, the urge to snoop through his phone or check his social media accounts without permission can be hard to resist for some. If you’ve never done it before, it might seem daunting. While there are various ways to go about it, it’s important to remember that some methods might involve breaking the law.

How Can I Read My Boyfriends Text Messages without Touching His Phone

This is likely the simplest and most convenient method since you only need access to his phone for a few minutes. Numerous spy apps are available, but mSpy is among the most popular. It offers a variety of features, including viewing text messages, calls, social media activity, browsing history, and even location tracking. The best part is that he won’t know you’re spying, as the app operates discreetly in the background. You can start using it within minutes of downloading, and it comes with a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

mSpy: Helping You Uncover Your Boyfriend’s Despicable Behavior

mSpy is a reliable spy app that can be used to track your boyfriend’s phone. It works on all Android devices and iPhones as well so you do not have to worry about compatibility issues. You simply need to download it onto his phone, follow the instructions on the website, and then start monitoring his activity within minutes. The app is very user-friendly and even comes with a 24/seven customer support team in case you have any questions or problems.

How Can I See My Boyfriends Text Messages Without Him Knowing

There are a number of different tricks that you can use to read your boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing. One way is by using the “find my phone” feature on his device and texting it from another one saying, “Hey! Please send me all recent SMS text messages”. If he has not locked or hidden his message section then this will work flawlessly as he will be directed to a screen where all the texts appear. Alternatively, you could also borrow his phone for just a few minutes while he is in the shower but make sure to lock it afterward before giving it back so that way there are no suspicions raised. You could also try asking him about what happened if something suddenly comes up and needs clarification especially if there was an important conversation that you need to know about. 

If you do not want to download a spy app onto your boyfriend’s phone, then there are other methods that you can use. One of the most popular ones is checking his phone yourself but this can be quite difficult if he keeps it locked or if you do not have the time to do it. Another option is hiring a professional hacker to read his texts for you. This method can be expensive but it is definitely worth it if you want to get all the information that you need without any hassle.

mSpy for Android is a true-blue ghost app

If you do not want to download an app onto his phone or if he has a password on it, then there is still another way that you can check his texts. mSpy works as a spy app for Android so all you have to do is visit their website and follow the instructions given there. It comes with lots of features like tracking social media activity and browsing history which makes it very convenient to use especially since there are no restrictions whatsoever despite using it illegally. You simply need to sign up for an account and select your package before proceeding further.

Start spying on your boyfriend’s text messages within minutes

If you are worried about your boyfriend’s behavior or suspect that he might be cheating on you, then mSpy is the ideal solution for you. Here are the instructions on how to start using this app:

Step 1: Purchase an mSpy Subscription

The first step to start using mSpy is to purchase a subscription. Visit the mSpy website and choose a package that suits your needs. Once you’ve selected the plan, proceed to checkout and complete the payment process. You’ll receive a confirmation email, which will include your login credentials and a link to the Control Panel.

Step 2: Access the mSpy Control Panel

Using the login details provided in the email, log in to the mSpy Control Panel. This dashboard is where you will manage and monitor all the data collected from your boyfriend’s phone. It’s user-friendly and provides a comprehensive overview of all the app’s features.

Step 3: Prepare the Target Device

Before installing mSpy on your boyfriend’s phone, ensure you have physical access to the device for a few minutes. Disable any security features, such as password protection or biometric locks, temporarily, to expedite the installation process.

Step 4: Download and Install mSpy

Follow the detailed installation instructions provided in the Control Panel. These steps will vary slightly depending on whether the target device is an Android or iPhone. For Android devices, you’ll need to enable the option to download apps from unknown sources and then download the mSpy installation file. For iPhones, you may need to jailbreak the device if it’s not already done, or you can opt for the no-jailbreak package that requires iCloud credentials.

Step 5: Configure the App

Once installed, launch the mSpy app on the target device and input the registration code provided in your Control Panel. This will sync the device with your mSpy account. Ensure that you grant all required permissions for the app to function correctly. The app will then run discreetly in the background without notifying the user.

Step 6: Start Monitoring

Return to your mSpy Control Panel on your computer or your own phone. You should now be able to see a dashboard filled with various monitoring options, such as text messages, call logs, social media activity, and GPS location. Use this dashboard to keep track of your boyfriend’s activities in real-time.

By following these steps, you can quickly and discreetly monitor your boyfriend’s text messages without his knowledge. Remember to use this tool responsibly and consider the ethical implications of your actions.

How to See Who Your Boyfriend Is Texting

Moniterro track sms

Moniterro is another popular spy app designed for those who wish to keep tabs on their partner’s activities discreetly. The app offers a variety of features, making it a reliable choice for monitoring text messages and other device activities. In this section, we will guide you through installing and using Moniterro, as well as highlight some of its most important features.

Using Moniterro to Read Messages

Once the app is installed and configured, you can start monitoring your boyfriend’s messages through your Moniterro account. Here are some steps to get started:

  1. Log into Your Account: Use any device to log into your Moniterro account.
  2. Access the Dashboard: Navigate to the dashboard where you can view all collected data.
  3. Read Text Messages: Click on the “Messages” section to see all the SMS and MMS texts exchanged on the target device. You’ll be able to read both incoming and outgoing messages.

What to Do When You Catch Your Boyfriend Sexting

If you do happen to catch your boyfriend sexting another girl, there are a few things that you can do:

1. Do you want to salvage the relationship?

Ultimately, the decision is yours. However, if your sole reason for wanting to save the relationship is to stop him from sexting other girls, it may be futile. People can change, and while past mistakes don’t guarantee future behavior, they also don’t ensure it won’t happen again. If your intentions are based on love and care, then go ahead and work on rebuilding what you had by staying resilient through tough times.

2. Confront your boyfriend

If you decide not to save the relationship, confronting him is your next best option. Though difficult, it’s crucial for your peace of mind. He needs to understand that his actions are wrong and could hurt you long-term.

Keep in mind that other girls may not be as forgiving, and if he continues sexting them, they might post the pictures or messages online, leading to further humiliation for you.

3. Move on – with him or without him.

If you don’t want to be with someone who sexts other girls, then there is nothing wrong with moving on and finding a guy whose actions actually match his words. You shouldn’t feel guilty about breaking up with him because he was the one who crossed the line in the first place by cheating on you through text messages.


To wrap things up, checking your boyfriend’s texts without his knowledge can be done in several ways. Whether you use clever tricks, professional hackers, or spying apps like mSpy, you have the tools at your disposal. Keep in mind though, these methods come with ethical and legal implications. Ask yourself if it’s worth it and consider the consequences.

If you catch him sexting someone else, it’s crucial to decide what you want from the relationship. Confront him if you need to and move on if his actions don’t align with your values. You deserve trust and honesty.

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